Opening Thirteenth International Exhibition of Metallurgy

Thursday morning 4 December 1395 Thirteenth International Exhibition of Metallurgy (Iran Mtafv) in the presence of Mr. Nemat Zadeh – Mjtrm Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade – and enthusiastic officials and relevant authorities as well as the sector’s Permanent Fairground Tehran International was inaugurated.

In the thirteenth International Exhibition of Metallurgy 216 Iranian companies and 147 foreign companies from 20 countries including Germany, America, Austria, Spain, Australia, England, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Russia, Japan, Denmark, Czech Republic, China, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, India, the Netherlands and South Korea in an exhibition space of more than 21,100 square meters their latest products and achievements in relation to the production of iron, steel, mining industries, products and machinery, aluminum, copper and zinc , industrial furnaces, casting, molding, ferroalloy, refractories, industrial valves and fluid transmission and control parts are exposed.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 7 December 1395 Tehran International Book Fair will continue in the honorable hobbyists and professionals from 9 am to 5 Bdazzhrr can take it hits.